Tuesday, 2 February 2010


I've had a problem with my pc since I installed Windows 7. When I switch it on on a morning, it cuts out after about 15 minutes. I then have to switch it off at the mains and wait at least 10 minutes before switching it on again. If I do it any sooner, I get the blue screen of death. Recently the problem had been getting worse. Also, the screen wouldn't come on even though the computer was working. It finally got so bad that I had to take it to the local computer shop.

I thought the problem was the bios. Wrong. The answer was simple. It was overheating and need a good cleaning out. Great. Picked it up, turned it on, and the screen was still blank apart from the words -no input. Back to shop. I hadn't actually mentioned this bit to the guy (yes, the one I mentioned in an earlier post as having poor people skills, though he was okay this time. Maybe as long as you don't mention Windows 7.). 

Solution: new mother board, total cost £95.00. 

Result: computer working perfectly for first time in ages.

I'm a happy bunny.

Of course I'm having to reinstall all my data -fortunately backed up on an external hard drive- reinstall the software from disk, and then try and get replacement software that I'd downloaded and paid for off the Internet -one I was able to do with the registration key, another replied very quickly and helpfully to my email, a third I'm still waiting to hear from. I am going to have to download and pay for another piece of software which will allow me to upload all my music from my Ipod because it's a lot easier and faster than doing it from an online backup which isn't up to date and has loads of duplicate files.

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