Monday, 8 February 2010


"It aint what you do
It's the way that you do it.
That's what gets results."

Just got back from the cinema and, after making myself a cup of coffee, have sat down to write this, so you can tell I'm stoked (whatever that means).

Best SF movie ever? Hell, no.

Deserves the Oscar for Best Film? Sorry, I can't stop laughing.

So Best Director is out of the question? Actually, no.

Right, it's derivative as hell. From Poul Anderson's 1950's story Call Me Joe, via Pern, the Gaian theory, and probably much more. The Terminator was also highly derivative but a brilliant movie. Avatar isn't brilliant but it is bloody good. He's created a sustained consistent narrative that never flags for the entire length. The characters are engaging and believable. The world he's created is simply amazing in its richness and detail. We are in an earth-like but nevertheless alien environment which is superbly created and completely real and believable. The CGI effects have to be the best ever seen on a screen. This alone makes it a remarkable achievement. It is absolutely breathtaking to look at and you can't begin to imagine how good it is just seeing the trailers on a tv screen. This really has to be seen at the cinema to get the best out of it.

I do think a Best Director Oscar for Cameron would not be undeserved because it really is his creation, his script and his vision.

As for the 3-D, I'm a convert. It takes you into the world of the Naa'vi. It isn't a gimmick, it really does enhance the film. After this, I honestly believe that 3-D is the future of the cinema, though I'm less so sure about tv. The glasses were nice, not the filmsy bit of thin card with cellophane lenses I was used to.

This afternoon was a terrific experience. I'd just like to hear a scientific explanation for the floating mountains.

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