Sunday, 14 February 2010


This isn't a show I've discussed with any of my friends, or anyone but Susan, but somehow it's wormed its way into my affections and become one of my favourite shows on tv. The photo above is a still from one of the most astonishing routines featuring a guy who had to drop out of the final after dislocating his shoulder and Charlie who won the series last night.

Dance isn't something I'm particularly interested in. Or perhaps I should say, wasn't. I'm not a fan of musicals which is where you normally find dance routines so in the past I've rarely been exposed to it. My attention started getting engaged by the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing which I started watching because it was on at teatime and Susan liked it so I kept glancing up over the top of a book and gradually became hooked. Then, while trying to avoid Britain's Got Talent, I noticed the ultimate winners -Diversity- whose imaginative energetic routines I just loved and set me up for So You Think You Can Dance.

Actually there was a similar programme on a few years ago. Though I can't remember the name, the format was similar except it involved dance couples and specified varied dance styles. It only had the one series which was a shame.

What I liked about SYTYCD was the sheer energy, the skill, the imagination of the choreographers, often sexuality, the athleticism which all combined, merging into a creative dynamic, into something that might well be called dance but which I would also call art -just look at the frozen image above for only the slightest hint of what it could be like. Not all of it worked on this level but when it did it was awesome. These young dancers also showed up the celebrities of Strictly Come Dancing for the leaden-footed clunkers they are. For me this was an eye-opening show and I'll be glued to screen when the next series starts, as it surely will.

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