Monday, 15 February 2010


Just looking at the stuff I review in this blog and the various books, CDs, and DVDs which crowd this room, and disparate as they are (apart from a tendency to the fantastic i.e. SF, horror, fantasy, magical realism which do very much predominate in the visual and written media) is that almost none of it can be considered bland. Most of what I like evokes a strong reaction or emotion.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not equating this with good taste. Let's face it, no-one could claim that anyone who enjoys movies like Street Trash and Zombie Strippers can be said to have good taste. A good appreciation for the trash aesthetic, perhaps.

I tend to like stuff that is painted in broad strokes which is why I prefer Neil Young's loud electric stuff rather than his acoustic material, though I do enjoy both. While I do have a liking for some softer material such as folk/rock as best exemplified by Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention, softer in this case does not mean bland.

In a sense my aesthetic taste mirrors my political leanings. I'm a libertarian democratic socialist who believes in a mixed economy. In other words, while generally on the left, it isn't the hard left and I do have some centrist attitudes. Which, translated back into pop culture, means that my taste isn't generally extremely edgy either. But that's seeing it from my point of view. From other viewpoints I can be seriously weird or middle of the road.

And now, being in danger of vanishing up my fundament, I shall finish. Anyone who considers this pointless, meaningless nonsense is probably correct.

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