Saturday, 13 February 2010


Got this earlier in the week. 3CDs, good booklet, good reviews on Amazon, 60 tracks (which at just over 2 hours could have fitted onto 2 CDs but never mind the waste of resources), rarerities,  and undubbed versions (which are probably one and the same but unneccessary verbiage online doesn't increase damage to the environment). Time I had a Buddy Holly CD in my collection. Didn't realise until I got it that it doesn't have one of my favourite Holly tracks -his version of Bo Diddley (the song by Ellas McDaniel aka you know who). Oh well, I can always download it from Amazon.

I know my soundtrack fan buddy Barry is also a Buddy & the Crickets fan so I emailed him to see if he wanted to borrow it (I won't mention copying because he wouldn't do that and I wouldn't lend it to him if he did). He replied that he did but he thought I didn't like Buddy Holly.

Which is odd because I don't remember not liking him. It may be that back around 1963/64 (see previous post), I was all caught up in the 60's -Searchers, Beatles, Stones, Hollies- but I distinctly remember liking the dubbed versions of Not Fade Away and the aforementioned Bo Diddley by the Fireballs which were UK hits in the early 60's. And I went to see Buddy the Musical a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Still, Barry does have a better memory than me so we'll talk about it when we meet for a drink and a meal next Tuesday.

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