Friday, 12 February 2010


An American tv series about a high school glee club. Oh sure, that sounds right up my street. Gotta watch that, gonna be great!

Actually, I can't imagine anything I'd like less. Well I can but that one would be well up there. Yet I kept reading good things about it, plus it had Jane Lynch in the ensemble cast. As it happened, a second showing follows Skins (and I caught it around ep 4, the one where, surprising no-one, Kurt comes out) so I gave it a try and damned if I didn't enjoy it. 

The kids are an interesting mix -the effeminate gay, the sensitive jock, the talented but picked on brilliant singer, the cheerleader pregnant but not by her boyfriend though he thinks it's him, the stutterer, the kid in a wheelchair, and so on -not all are developed yet but there's plenty of potential.

The adults are a fun bunch too. The Spanish teacher who runs the club is a nice guy but his wife is a lying bitch-monster. There's the sensitive teacher who is terrified of germs and secretly in love with our hero. She's played by the engaging actress who played Hiro's early waitress girlfriend in Heroes who was killed by Sylar but is apparently about not to be dead. Jane Lynch runs the cheerleading squad and is a ruthless egotist. There's more, but if you haven't seen this series, do so at once or check Wikipaedia for more details.

It works as an intelligent high school soap because it focusses on outsiders and it's also very funny as well as sensitive. Hell, I even enjoy the musical numbers though I won't -excuse me, make that I won't- be buying any downloads of them.

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