Friday, 19 February 2010


I'm not doing a recap/review of last night's Skins, not yet, not until I've watched it a second time. A couple of days ago I read a similar piece on last week (Cook's) episode on the After Ellen website (see sidebar) which was far more perceptive and better written than mine and almost made me want to stop doing them. The extended pieces I did on the previous season were written after I'd watched the entire thing more than once and had a much better perspective on it, so I'm going to watch Katie's episode again before presenting my view of it.

While I'm here, I should note something I've so far omitted which is the continued and effective use of quirky British character actors and comedians in supporting roles. Pauline Quirk played, and did it well, the police detective investigating the girl's death for the first three episodes. Playing Cook's laid-back lawyer last week was Paul Kaye (an understated role is unusal for him) and last night we had comedienne Jenny Eclair in the role of the monstrous mother of a pregnant bride to be.

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