Sunday, 28 February 2010


Good grief, but this is a bleak one, I'll keep it short though because it is relatively easy to describe.

Effy and Freddie are lost together in a haze of love, sex, and drugs. Freddie tries to get it together when threatened with expulsion but Effy doesn't seem to care and continues on a downward spiral.

We learn more about Freddie's background when he visits his grandfather (character actor Dudley Foster)  in an old people's home. Apparently his mother, who suffered from mental illness, was put in a hospital by his father where she committed suicide. Freddie blames him for her death which, in part, explains the distance between the two evident in the previous series.

Freddy tries to help Effy, who likes vodka with her cornflakes, but she isn't having any. While he's out she organises an impromptu party and he finds her hiding under their bed. Later, after he's cleared everyone out, he finds Cook who has escaped from prison. By now it's clear that Effy is also mentally ill and she completely freaks out when, running away from Freddie, she encounters a carnival where she is rescued by Cook dressed as a devil and Katie in angel's garb, echoing the bi-polar illness Effy is suffering from.  With Freddie, they take her to the home where his grandfather lives and where she cuts her wrists. At the hospital with Effy and her mother, a despairing Freddie, finding himself in the same position his father once was, can't deal with it and runs away.

I thought earlier episodes were bad but this is the most painful yet which is why I'm writing such a short piece and haven't watched it a second time yet. It's also one of the most focussed episodes with other characters being little more than cameos. The only light relief is singer Will Young as an eccentric school counsellor who attempts to solve problems by asking what would Michael (Jackson) do and finds the answer (or not) in lines from his songs.

Next week's episode should be lighter as it focusses on JJ who is suffering from unrequited love and the trailer looks very funny. Let's hope it is as we need a break.

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