Friday, 5 February 2010


This week the spotlight is on Emily.

Emily and Naomi are now an established couple who hold hands, and sometimes kiss, in public. Naomi has moved into a small flat (which means we don't get to see her nice mother and her teacher boyfriend which is a shame as they were good characters).

Emily thinks something isn't right about the girl's death in the previous episode and starts digging. One of the first things she finds out is that Naomi sold her the drugs to buy a present for Emily who had been given it earlier. Naomi argues that they've all taken MDMA so it's hardly a big deal and Emily, a little reluctantly agrees. But she's really pissed off when Naomi makes them lie to the police.

On a visit home, she meets her sister's bland (not a typo) new boyfriend, learns that her mother has a loan to start a matrimonial business and her mother learns that her husband has been declared bankrupt which comes as a rather unwelcome shock. There is considerable bad feeling between Emily and her mother, mainly over Naomi whom Mum still believes seduced her daughter. Emily goes to Naomi's flat and says she's moving in.

Then Emily discovers that Naomi had met the girl at a college open day which Emily never knew she'd attended. Recovering personal effects by means too complicated to outline in this short recap, we learn that the girl did indeed commit suicide, was gay and that she'd slept with Naomi which is pretty much the last straw for Emily and they split up. Talking to Cook at a party, she asks him how you cope with a breakup and he says you just move on. He then beats up a guy who accidentally jostles him when he sees that Freddie and Effy are a couple again.

After some more soul searching, Emily forgives Naomi and moves back in.

This is really proving to be a much darker and, it has to be said, somewhat less enjoyable series than the previous one as so far Thomas and Emily have suffered dark nights of the soul and Naomi isn't exactly having a good time. Next week it's Cook the most volatile of the group so that's not likely to be a barrel of laughs either.

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