Monday, 31 October 2011


An Amazon 4* review.
Weird, wacky and sometimes wonderful

And often extremely strange.

But, and this is often overlooked, frequently funny and satirical. Jodorowsky the writer is also known as a maker of surreal blackly comic movies that are also extremely violent. The Incal, however, is Jodorowsky in a playful mood and were it not for the fact that the metaphysical aspects of this science fiction graphic novel seem to be played out with relative seriousness I'd be inclined to call The Incal a satire.

I can usually sit down and get through a graphic novel relatively quickly but, while enjoying it, I seemed only to be able to get through it about 10-20 pages at a time spread over a few weeks. This may be because I found myself not quite in sympathy with the fallible everyman protagonist (his name is appropriate) and the metaphysical or spiritual aspect of the thing. It has its moments, many of them but,while in part it deserves its reputation, I sometimes felt I was looking at the emperor's new clothes. Perhaps an introduction might have been useful.

As for the art, well it's by Moebius who is one of the greatest graphic story illustrators of the last 40 years. It's worth buying for the art alone and there should be more books by Moebius available. It is good but I feel as if I'm sitting on the fence somewhat.

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