Monday, 17 October 2011


Basil Wolverton is pretty much unknown outside comics and even inside, he's known only by serious comic fans. Little of his work is currently available, most notably his illustrated Bible from Fantagraphics Books. This is rather ironic as Wolverton had an amazing imagination for grotesqueries. His art is so individual and so striking that it could never be mistaken for anyone elses.

The reason I'm mentioning him now is that I've just learned that Fantagraphics are printing two volumes of his work in August next year -a collection of science fiction stories and his Spacehawk series. Needless to day, I've ordered them both. Only 10 months to wait.

And here is a selection of his work. It's only partially representative of his work as he was noted for his humorous cartoons which I've mostly ignored. Prepare to be amazed and stuff.

Basil Wolverton died in 1978

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