Sunday, 16 October 2011


I Love Chuck.
An Amazon 5* review.
Surprisingly, this isn't what you think it is.
Truthfully I really love Yvonne Strahovski who is simply wonderful as agent Sarah Walker. She's absolutely gorgeous but not in a "I-know-I-am-so-worship-me mode" but in an appealing adorable way. That she can act and act well helps a lot (and does most of her own stunts). The only other actress I can think of who has that sort of appeal is Kaley Cuoco of The Big Bang Theory. But then the perfect casting of the three leads is one of the main reasons why this series is so appealing. Strahovski, along with Levi and Baldwin, have great comic chops which work by them playing it more or less straight.

What's also helped is the character development of the leads and the gradual unveiling of their various secrets which help keep things bubbling along. One thing I was concerned with after watching the first series was how the relationship between Chuck and Sarah would develop. After three seasons of the Castle the relationship between the two leads remains unchanged. That hasn't happened here. That relationship -romance, really- has grown as Chuck has grown in confidence as a spy. At the beginning he was gawky and unsure of himself, secretly pining for Sarah who couldn't bring herself to admit she had feelings for him. As this season begins, they are not only living together but Chuck is taking the lead on some missions. The romance sub-plot is now: will they get engaged and if they do, will they get married?

But of course there's also lots of spy work to do. This season we finally meet Chuck's mother (Linda Hamilton) who may or may not be on the side of evil Russian oligarch Alexei Volkov (Timothy Dalton), the season's Big Bad. Dalton is, unsurprisingly, brilliant as the manic murderous mastermind and he looks as if he's enjoying every minute of it. As usual there are plenty of twists and turns and surprise revelations and other guest stars.

Next season will be the last and a truncated 13 episodes at that and I'm actually glad. To be honest, I wouldn't have minded if this season had been the end as it would have been a satisfying conclusion. There's nothing worse than something good going on too long. A good show like this should finish at the top leaving nothing but happy memories in the minds of the audience. When I think of all the other drama shows on TV I like, I can honestly say that I enjoy this one the most. Yes, even more than Dr. Who, The Big Bang Theory, Castle, and How I Met Your Mother.

Oh, and the blooper reel is very funny.

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