Saturday, 8 October 2011


Slightly revised Amazon 3-star review.
Bad, but in a good way.

And, no, I'm not apologising. The DVD cover is in the previous post.
Okay, neither Tiffany (who is sort of attractive in a sleazy overweight tattooed red-headed busty kind of way) nor Debbie Gibson (skinny blonde who hasn't worn well and looks more like an aging hooker than a scientist) can really act. Both their characters in the film act behave with astonishing stupidity and so does the rest of the cast. The story doesn't always make sense -like how come no-one noticed for months that the alligators and their deadly enemy the pythons were growing in size and why had they suddenly stopped killing each other? The CGI, as usual, is pretty crap.

But who cares when there's so much fun to be had. The two women's characters hate each other which leads to a cat-fight in the middle of a fund-raising party for the swamp where punches and cream cakes are thrown and, without them even noticing, the rest of the guests start getting eaten by monsters, following which one of them says, "I think we're alone now," and the other replies with the next line of the song. Mickey Dolenz has a surprise and funny cameo and gets (spoiler warning) eaten. Sorry was that too late? Well, it was obvious anyway. The DVD cover art doesn't exaggerate by much. There are not just two monsters but dozens of them. Most of the cast gets eaten.

It really is a bad film but I was too busy enjoying myself most of the time to notice. 

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