Wednesday, 5 October 2011


It's really too easy buying stuff online and you end up with more than you can read, watch, or listen to because there's always something else new and exciting and reasonably priced. Here are four items that came in the post today along with my justifications for buying them.
A few days ago this was mentioned on the comics and media website Bleeding Cool (see sidebar) as being available from HMV online for £16.99. That's all the original versions plus director's cuts, or with additional material, a shedload of extras on each disc, plus two additional discs of supplementary material -an absolutely massive amount of stuff, plus it's in Bluray. How could any horror/sf movie fan resist it even if they had (or used to have) VHS video versions and DVDs? Look man this is a real no-brainer, especially when I'm one of those who think Alien Resurrection is completely under-rated -yes, I love that film.

If you've read my reviews of the previous three seasons you'll know how much I love this series and I'll be watching no other DVDs until I've finished watching all 24 episodes and extras.

 Regular readers will know what a big fan of Osamu Tezuka I am even if just from a recent review by another blogger I reprinted here. Helen McCarthy's  coffee-table book The Art of Osamu Tezuka is one of my favourite books ever, but I wanted something a little more in-depth and found this one.

So there we are. I'm sure you can understand how I couldn't really resist buying these things.

What? There's only three there? Ah, well, yes. Um. I was hoping you wouldn't notice. Look, it's no big deal really. I mean it only cost £2.99 and that's the release price and it got a decent review in Horror Movie A Day website (see sidebar). Oh very well, here it is.
Look it has 80's teen pop stars Debbie Gibson and Tiffany in the lead roles and they have a cat fight at a garden party (I've seen the clip). You dare try and tell me that that doesn't automatically qualify this Syfy-produced monster movie for cult status!

While we're on the subject, Horror Movie A Day also reviewed a DVD today which sounded like a lot of fun and was also only £2.99.
Oh get lost. So I like dumb daft horror movies. Sue me.

On Monday I got two extremely thick and heavy books which were ordered separately but have a link between them. That, however, is going to be the subject of a different post. 

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