Saturday, 2 January 2010


Goodbye, goodbye.

Goodbye David Tennant who will be missed but not, I suspect for long, and goodbye Russell T Davies who definitely overstayed his welcome. New boss Steven Moffat and new Who Matt Smith will revitalise the show and I can hardly wait. I predict it will be better than ever.

Goodbye, for now, to Waterloo Road a show that's been running for 3 years and about 9 series (autumn and summer terms -it's set in a comprehensive) which I watched for the first time a couple of months ago and just because I was curious as to how ex-Holby City star Tom Chambers would be like in it. The answer to that was brilliant. He played the part of Max, executive head of four schools but supervising the integration of his former school, posh John Fosters, with the rabble of Wellington Road. At first ambitious but charming, he's gradually revealed as a manipulative lying bully who'll stop at nothing to get his own way regardless of who he destroys in the process  -teacher or pupil.

But what did surprise me was how good the rest of the show was. Great ongoing storylines, deft writing, nice balance of lighter moments which very serious ones, interesting characters (teachers and pupils), terrific cast of British character actors, some known to me (Sarah Jane Potts, Denise Welch, Angela Griffin), some not (William Ash, Philip Martin Brown who is one of those faces who probably -actually there's no probably about it- appears in just about every British tv series going and Wikipaedia has just informed me I don't remember him from a stint on Casualty), and some very promising young actors like Jenna Louise Coleman given a much better part than her prior Emmerdale role.

Why did no-one tell me how great this show was? I enjoyed it even more than Casualty and Holby City which I like a lot, though both can be very uneven, and it succeeds, like them, by continually reinventing itself. Looks like I'm going to have to try and pick up the DVDs of previous seasons if I can get them cheap enough.


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