Monday, 4 January 2010


I'd noticed that the Stones had a remastered all-singing all-dancing super de luxe 3CD, DVD, book and bits version of the above album and for a whopping £38.00 on Amazon. Nice but no way would I buy it that price and put it out of my mind.

About half an hour ago I was trawling through my Amazon MP3 recommendations because Amazon had given me a pound credit and I thought there might be something cheap worth having. About ten pages in I came across the YA-YA's MP3 which included the first CD of the concert itself, the second CD of extra tracks, and the 3rd CD which contains the sets by BB King and Ike & Tina Turner whom I've been known to like. With my one pound discount this cost me £7.99. In other words, all the music, over 2 hours of it, minus the trimmings for £30.00 less. Sounds like a bargain to me. I'm playing it now and it's great.

Oh, and I haven't got pneumonia. In fact I feel much better today -not great by any means, but better than I did. Susan rang the doctor's this morning to get some antibiotics and put me on as well. After considering my past history, the doctor wanted to see me just in case. I went. Chest is fine. I'll be bunged up and phlegmy for the next couple of weeks but at least it's nothing more serious.

And, yes, I am embarrassed by my previous post.

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