Thursday, 21 January 2010


A slightly expanded Amazon review.

This movie was made for the horror movie fan.

It hits all the traditional notes perfectly while managing to be quite individual, though not orginal, on its own. So, what's good about it? The setting, well-photographed beautiful snow-covered tree-dotted Norwegian mountains. The group of amiable medical students who want to spend Easter in the snow in a lonely cabin miles from anywhere. The spooky opening kill. The horror movie references both obvious and subtle. The settling in to the cabin and the interruption by the local with a sinister tale to tell which is shortly followed by his swift despatch by person, or creatures, unseen. The sinister build-up as one of the group disappears. The half-seen Nazi zombies night attack with its first gross-out shot. Then daylight and the Nazi zombies properly emerge and all out war begins. The escalation of carnage to ludicrous proportions as limbs fly across the frozen landscape, blood spurts from gaping wounds, entrails litter the ground, and our heroes display remarkable fighting skills even when suffering from horrendous wounds as the movie goes so far over the top it ends up nearly out of sight and hilariously funny. 

Just one example. One of the two survivors gets bitten on the forearm by a zombie. Having seen too many zombie movies, though there's no evidence to suggest it here, he's convinced that he'll turn into one. So he chainsaws his forearm off. Moments later a zombie erupts from the snow beneath and bites him in the groin.

And more. Great entertainment.

Lots of extras including subtitles which helps as the dialogue is in Norwegian. I'll be watching this a lot more than once.

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