Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Oi! Wake up!

Don't worry, I won't keep you long.

I remember the good old days when a General Election signified a titanic battle of ideologies between the Capitalist Scum of the Conservative Party and the Slavering Union-dominated Commie Ideologues of Labour, the toffee-nosed public school educated squillionaires versus the ignorant slavering subhumans of the working classes with the deceitful shifty and shifting middle-class as the battleground.

Those were the days, when electioneering shook the heavens and brought down the gods themselves.

And now?

Those rapscallions of Labour are being very naughty wanting to increase National Insurance. So vote for the Conservatives instead and we won't increase it; well, not by very much, honest injun, and no our fingers aren't crossed. Vote for Dutiful Dave and not Grumpy Gordon. Please.

Thank god I'm spared at least one week of this excruciating bore of a campaign by being away in Lanzarote.  I will, though, be voting of course. Conservative in the local elections -not because I want them in charge but because the ruling Labour council needs a decent opposition to keep them on their toes. Labour in the General Election because my conscience wouldn't let me do anything else; plus the new Labour candidate (my fave Chris Mullin is standing down) seems a decent choice -she's local with a history of being a union organiser for the GMB among things so that ticks my box and I'll tick hers.

Otherwise, wake me when it's all over.

Post Script.

Nearly forgot. 

Screw the little Englanders of UKIP

and fuck the BNP!


Anonymous said...

At the last PM Questions on Tuesday, Camneron used the chance to savage Brown, generally fairly and with deserved criticism. Unfortunately, he instantly alienated me during a heated exchange on the wisdom (or lack of it) of NI increases.

The following is a direct quote of Cameron's words. "National Insurance is a tax on jobs!" He did not actually SAY this; he clearly and loudly SHOUTED it three times at Brown.

Maybe he really meant an increase in NI would be a tax on jobs? His words and attitude tell me that any "tax on jobs" is a Bad Thing, to be reasonably eliminated by any rational leader. Therefore, I await news of Cameron's revolutionary new way to fund the NHS and Benefits system after he completely abolishes the NI contribution method of the lasy 60+ years.

Ian said...

How about coming up with a tax system where the likes of Phillip Green (£1.2 billon bonus last year) actually pay tax? Currently Phil's tax bill is £0. Because Mrs G 'lives in Monacco' and they don't have a UK residence.

(The Labour candidate you mention, Ian, was one of my first pupils back in my 'Primary School Teacher' period!)