Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Or, as it's called in the jargon, monetising.

You've probably noticed some ads popping up just under the most recent post which are from something called Adsense. Then there are Google-sponsored  ads in the sidebar, and also links to items sold by Amazon. This latter is part of the Amazon Associates program. The idea, obviously, is to make a little money by displaying them on my blog. And, after about four weeks or thereabouts, when I checked today I'd made the grand total of £1.01 which, believe it or not but it's true, is more than I expected.

I have, a few hours ago, dropped the Adsense ads because of one which looked decidedly sexist -a cartoon of big-boobed woman. I've no idea what the site was about but I don't want stuff like that on my blog. I doesn't mean that I may, or may not, want to look at it but as a matter of principle I'm certainly not going to promote stuff that I consider sexist.

You may in the future, however, find these links to Amazon items which I own but have not always reviewed on the grounds that if I've bought it then I probably like it and see no contradictions in making a few pennies out of including these links. Indeed, please, click on the links. I need the money.

I'm a poor pensioner. Click on the links you bastards!

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