Tuesday, 20 April 2010


Quadrilogy: a word, created by the imbeciles who run film companies to market DVD box sets of four films, to sound like trilogy, presumably on the assumption that consumers of these box sets don't understand what the word quartet means. Quadrilogy is an ugly loathesome word. If it was a human being I would take an axe and hack it to pieces and then be hailed as a hero.

Whilst, however, is a perfectly respectable word with long antecedents. It is also irrelevant in today's world when its successor and synonym is  freely available and understood. I refer to the one-syllable word while. Dost thou comprehendeth mine meaning thou varlets and dastards or wouldst thee prefer to remain in thine ignorance until thy dotage?

Here endeth the leffon.

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Anonymous said...

Made up words may irritate me as much as you, but worse to me are those terms that are DISPRONOUNCED - or have I just made up one there? Smack my wrist and read on...

Your drastic treatment should also be given to "Yoomin Rights", "Laura Norder", "Oringe" and "Drawring" - all commonly used on TV, even by the BBC, once the guardian of Queen's English.