Thursday, 22 April 2010


Amazon 4 star review

Review title: Competent military SF.

Competent but not great and I'm being generous with the four stars.

Begin with the action about to start and then spend two thirds of the novel showing how the narrator ended up in that situation, which is a fair enough way of doing things. The writing is competent, the protagonist is the standard underachiever who achieves, plot is okay -alien slugs bombard Earth with rocks, the dust causing the start of massive climate change -ironic as I'm writing this after my flight to Lanzarote was cancelled due to the Icelandic volcano erupting and throwing dust into the stratosphere and I read about half of it in the airport. It's predictable in that it's fairly obvious which of the supporting characters is going to die and doesn't really add anything new to this subgenre.

That said, it kept me reading and I've ordered the sequels -the cheapest copies available from Amazon Marketplace that is. This was an enjoyable enough time passer which I'm now about to drop off at my favourite charity shop. If you like military SF you'll like this.

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