Sunday, 20 November 2011


We've all got dopplegangers somewhere in the world, people who look almost exactly like us. Once, when much younger, I was walking along a street in Sunderland, saw someone I thought I recognised, and then thought: Oh, that's me. But of course it wasn't. A good episode of How I Met Your Mother was based on this idea. The satirical magazine Private Eye has long been running a series of lookalike photos.

But how many of us have famous dopplegangers? I have. Admittedly he's not enormously famous but he is pretty well known to fans of Australian soaps, particularly Neighbours. He's even got the same first name as me. As I'm assuming most of you lot aren't fans, here he is, Neighbours Harold Bishop.
Ian Smith, b.1938

And here's me.

Ian Williams, b.1948

My long lost older brother.

Or am I seeing something that isn't there? Susan insists we look alike. But then recently she's been telling me I look like Russell Brand.

No, sorry I made a mistake. It's Russell Grant she says that I look like and who, to my delight, was just voted off Strictly Come Dancing this evening.

But please tell me she's wrong.

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