Thursday, 24 November 2011


Okay, it's come to this: I am now hooked on this series. I finished watching Season 2 and am waiting for Season 3 to arrive.

I'm not sure why but this season gelled a lot more than the first. I found myself warming more to the characters but whether this was me being more familiar with the characters, the actors settling into their roles, or better scripts I couldn't honestly say. There were a few recurring characters this time around which helps, even if most of them got killed off by the end, and some good guest stars like Tricia Helfer. The stories seemed to be better even though I could always guess the twists before they were revealed -the nice girl was a werewolf, the woman was a ghost all along, etc. The season finale wrapped up the storyline which had begun with 1.1 and set the scene for a new one. 

Basically I had a lot of fun watching it. It's still a way from being one of my favourite tv series though. If Chuck and How I Met Your Mother would rate a 10 and Eureka an 8.5. Supernatural S.2 probably comes in around 7.25, about the same as Rizzoli & Isles which I've been watching on tv recently. But, like I said, its got me hooked.

Two recurring characters who are still alive at the season's end.

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