Thursday, 8 March 2012


Waterloo Road is a weekly hour long show focused on the school of the same name. When I first watched it a couple of years ago I thought it was great but later series have become rather inconsistent in quality. Not bad exactly, just less interesting so that I don't follow it on a regular basis.

All that changed last night with the third episode of the new series when Heather Peace joined the cast (see above). A well-known actor, though until recently more of a face you recognised but couldn't put a name to. That stopped with last year's ensemble lesbian drama series Lip Service where Peace (who is openly gay) played, and brilliantly so, a butch police inspector, turning down a lucrative role in Coronation Street -respect!) to do so (see image below).

In Waterloo Road she plays the new head of English who used to be in the army and after watching that one episode, I've added Peace to my list of actors who I'll watch whatever they are in. This list includes Nathan Fillion (new season of Castle has just started), Dana Delany (who I've seen do the impossible by stealing scenes from Fillion in Castle, second season of Body of Proof currently showing in the UK), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (see review of 50/50), Miranda Hart, Julie Benz, and several others whom my aging disintegrating fails to remember.

So, no excuses, watch Waterloo Road now and experience the joy of Peace for yourself.

When not acting, she goes on the road as a highly respected singer/songwriter.

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