Thursday, 29 March 2012


I got this one recently when it was on the current Amazon Vine list. (Selected Amazon regular reviewers get sent a list twice monthly of stuff to review for free.) There wasn't much else on the list so I settled for this. To be honest, it's not the sort of horror movie I usually go for being on the edge, but not over it, of torture porn. That said, it's quite effective.

Set in Berlin, four people in their early twenties, plus an equally young guide, go down into the many tunnels under the city looking for a Nazi bunker. An accident happens, the group separates, and a demented ex-East German border guard takes advantage of them in a very violent manner. Basically it's setup, encounter, attempts to escape. There isn't a lot of actual gore in it but it is very intense and, unlike some other horror movies I've seen this week, deserves the 18 certificate. The villain manages to be genuinely frightening and completely believable which makes it even worse.

It's well done, but I can't say that I actually enjoyed it.

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