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As regular readers know, most of the stuff I buy and review or comment on in this blog comes from Amazon UK. Very occasionally I'll use Ebay but most of the time Amazon UK (or AzUK dealers, like myself) is cheaper. Sometimes, however, I'll order something from -the US shop because it's cheaper. It doesn't happen very often but if I'm buying something expensive, I'll check them out as well. DC Absolute series of lavish hardback editions of their very best comics/graphic novels are almost always significantly cheaper than the UK even after adding postage on top. I've currently got Absolute Promethea vol 3 on order with them at a saving of over £15.00 (assuming the exchange rate stays roughly the same).

I'm also known as being a fan of The Grateful Dead and if you haven't heard of them, look them up on

I get a regular newsletter from their online store and in the latest one today there's a new collection entitled Europe 72 vol.2. 

The first GD album I bought (though not the first I'd heard) was their now legendary double vinyl album Europe 72 which is still one of my favourite albums and which I own in the extended version as part of the thicker than a brick box (and I do mean box) set The Golden Road 1965-73. Just recently they released The Complete Europe 72 Sessions which cost over $400.00 and even I'm not that mad. Volume 2. however, is a selection of the best from that version with none of the tracks having been issued on the original album.

Now in the comments section in the GD newsletter were a few that complained about their not being a limited bonus CD which is common with these sets, but also that it was already available on at a cheaper price! Now while I am trying to give up my irregular habit of buy GD live sets and sold a few on Az marketplace, I was tempted by Europe 72 vol.2 so I checked the Az UK price -£19.65- which struck me as a little expensive for only a 2-disc set, so I checked

I was quite shocked to find that their price was only 12 dollars and change. I added it to my basket and went through the procedure until it put on the postage which I then converted into pounds and it came to £12 and change. a saving of seven, or more than a third. Naturally I went ahead and confirmed the order.

So, there you have it. It pays to check prices for some items now and again as you could save yourself some money.

The one I didn't buy.
Life's too short to be that obsessive.

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