Friday, 29 April 2011


As usual, I got up and let out/let in/fed the cats/cleaned out a litter tray, put the kettle on, doled out some cereal for myself and switched the TV on to watch about 5-10 minutes of BBC News. It featured a couple of celebrities talking about the Royal Wedding, cut to the genial (smug) presenter Bill somebody or other, then over to some enthusiastic vox pops. Having finished my cereal, and having seen more than enough, I made my coffee and switched on the desktop to check my email and sample some online editions of newspapers.

About lunchtime, I checked out the Royal Wedding on the BBC news website just to make sure that it hadn't been interrupted by terrorists or an alien invasion, then went back downstairs to watch the latest episode of Fringe which I'd recorded.

Teatime I watched ten minutes of highlights on the BBC News channel.
I'm not anti-monarchist (though there are far too many minor royals snuffling at the teat of the public purse) and I don't particularly want this country to become the British Republic, though it wouldn't bother me if it did. I'm just not interested in the Royal Family. By all accounts William is a thoroughly decent person who puts himself over well in public and is very genuine in his concerns. His wife is very pretty and seems pleasant enough. Fine. But I just don't care. I'm not interested and unless something exceptional happens I'll be never writing or referring to them again in this blog. Maybe if they get kidnapped by aliens. Only cricket (one of the most tedious games in the world) ranks lower than the Royal Family on my personal scale of disinterest.

Great. It's over. I can forget about it now.

Except, like an earthquake, it will keep rumbling on for some time after the actual event. Sleep has never seemed more attractive.

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