Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Yes, that's right, I've self-published a novel as a Kindle e-book available from Amazon for the modest price of £2.59. (It was supposed to be £2.25 but I buggered up the price which has to be first set in dollars.)  What's it about, you're dying to know. Here's the Amazon blurb which I wrote months ago but forgot about.

This is a witty and genuinely unpredictable blend of SF and the supernatural, where nothing is quite what it seems. It features two unusual heroines who would really rather sing Heart songs in a karaoke bar or watch a DVD in bed (a good horror movie or ‘The L-Word’ will do), while sharing a decent bottle of red wine, than go out and save the world. Shame they don’t have that choice.

Debra and Rachel are young, sexy, successful, in love and living in modern London. Then Debra triggers a curse which is slowly turning her into a zombie and Rachel learns about the Shadows and all the secrets Debra has been hiding from her. Together they set out on a surprising journey which leads them to encounter cannibal witches, the strangest road in the world, an ex-boyfriend who has what may as well be a ‘Monster’s Munch’ sign pinned to his back, two oversexed werewolves, and the monstrous Man of Power who offers salvation but at a horrendous price. Debra and Rachel’s only advantages are some modest martial arts skills, a cutting sense of humour, a great capacity for swearing, more confidence than common sense, and the occasional help of a not quite sane ex-SBS commando turned freelance assassin.

And just when they think it’s all over and they can live happily ever after, that’s when they learn what the Shadows really are and it’s up to our hedonistic heroines to save the universe.

Unfortunately the odds aren’t exactly in their favour.

Contains: strong violence, intense emotions, scenes of a sexual nature, and the frequent use of rude words.

Doesn't that make you want to order it right now? You don't even need a Kindle to read it. You can download a free Kindle app to your pc or laptop instead. Plus, in addition to the 74,000 word novel, you also get a 28,000 word linked novella entitled The Flying Man.
Converting it into Kindle format proved to be a bit of a pain as I'm not really very technically minded. Obviously I did manage it but I think the paragraph formatting is a little off. I also checked every day for three days to see if it had appeared and all in vain. When I finally checked the settings, the book was still in draft mode and I needed to click another couple of buttons and refill in a form before it worked. After that it was up in 18 hours. 

Now all I need to do is sit back and wait for the deafening sound of nothing happening. Alternatively I could grit my teeth (not wise as I'm going to the dentist in a couple of hours) and go on one of the Kindle Writers forums to find out how to publicise it.

You can link to it here:
At least I've stopped tinkering and finally done something with it. Now I can focus properly on another novel which has been on the back-burner for a while.

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