Saturday, 26 February 2011


Nick is the one whom seems to have it all. Brains and good looks. Mini the beautiful blonde trophy girlfriend (see earlier post for her episode). He's captain of the successful rugby team and therefore highly popular. So, no surprise that it all goes to shit.

We meet his father who makes a living by writing books about motivation and by counselling people but at home is a martinet who rules the roost and already alienated older son Matty (see last week's Skins post). Matty himself has returned to make peace which pleases Nick were it not for the fact that he has the hots for Liv who is sleeping with Matty (see last weeks. etc). At least the producers have put together two actors who actually look as if they're brothers (see below).
Nick's life goes down the toilet and it's his own fault because he can't come to terms with what he wants and can't have and what's expected of him. We also find out that Matty, despite being shorter and less bulky than Nick, is actually the better athlete of the two.

To be honest I didn't find this episode tremendously interesting because I find it a little hard to empathise with a jock (as in athlete not as in a Scots person). There is an interesting scene where Nick formally introduces Matty to the group, after his earlier encounter the previous week, as it establishes that the ensemble is a group of friends which has gelled.

Next week's should be interesting as the focus is more obviously outsider figure of Alo.

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