Friday, 11 February 2011


The new series of Skins with its all-new cast continues in its less-heavy-than-previous-series vein, which isn't to say that it isn't serious. it's just a bit less angst-laden. In this episode, Queen Bitch Mini finds that everything is coming apart.

There had to be more to her than the superficial boss bitch image and there is. It doesn't mean though that there's a nicer person underneath because there isn't. Mini needs to be in total control. The episode dances around a charity fashion show that Roundview is putting on and Mini is in charge. When rebellious Grace turns up with the dresses and, firmly established as her friend, Franky in tow, Grace unwisely fires her which puts all the responsibility on her and she ultimately crumbles. Making things worse is effort her boyfriend is putting on her to have sex and we learn that Mini is actually a virgin as well as being obsessively body-conscious. It doesn't end very well and it finishes on a poignant note when she meets her randy  mother (Claire Grogan) as they are both walking home in the early morning.

Skins has regained its place as my favourite show on tv with its fresh engaging approach, gradually revealing the characters with each episode being less of an ensemble piece than in the past.

As I've mentioned before, this pieces are deliberately short as I intend to write a more detailed overview when the series concludes.

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