Saturday, 19 February 2011


I won't say the new series keeps getting better because it doesn't. What it does do is maintain the high standard it set at the beginning. The new show is much more down to earth and realistic than previous series. This week's episode focussed on Liv who previously seemed bit of a blank other than being 'easy'.

Here we find out she has a nice home where she lives with a mother into New Age crystals, an absent father, an older sister in prison (for what isn't stated but it's probably either violence or selling drugs, or so my tv-induced stereotyped prejudices believe), and a pre-adolescent sister who is always -gasp!- reading. Mother goes away to a crystal convention for a couple of days leaving Liv in charge. Her mates (the whole gang now bar the previously barely glimpsed mystery boy) arrive, Mini wants to make peace and brings a bag of weed. Party on, kids. But Liv leaves with little sis whom she dumps at a 24-hour Science Fiction movie festival and goes to see big sis in the nick. Later she bumps into mystery boy (whom we later discover is named Matty) with whom she spends the rest of day and night stealing, getting high, drinking too much, beating a pervy shop owner, and having sex. Not long after that we find out who mystery boy really is and his link to another of our cast which is quite a surprise. Lots of other stuff happens including Mini refusing to forgive Liv for shagging her boyfriend Nick. (Okay, Matty is Nick's estranged brother.)

The trailer for next week suggests a more ensemble action-packed episode. Can't wait.

No question that Skins is back at the top of my don't-miss tv list. It's fresh and compelling again.

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