Friday, 30 October 2009


This is the super deluxe everything but the kitchen sink lavish expensive £25 plus change (pre-ordered, the price has since gone up by £7) edition. It's the remastered orginal album, the alternative & unreleased & live stuff, and the DVD which includes their Live Aid show which I vividly remember. I'm playing the main album as I type and it's wonderful. But then I'm, as you probably know, a big fan of U2, well the earlier stuff. Though I have most of their later albums, it's the early period I prefer and in recent months I've been picking up the special, but not super deluxe, 2-disc editions of Boy, War, October, and The Joshua Tree.

It's all magical stuff. Bono may sometimes come over as a prat but he has one of Rock's most distinctive and effective voices. The Edge is a genius on guitar in terms of what he does with them and the rythm section is first rate. When you add a string of heartfelt anthemic memorable songs and brooding mysterious slower ones, there is nothing else quite like it in Rock.

I haven't seen this yet but I'm really looking forward to it, a sendup of -well I don't need to spell out that, surely?- set in Mongolia in the 30's which has garned rave reviews from all over the place and the trailer I saw looked pretty damn good. Gonna watch it tonight.

Of course I have the original comics but this is one of those I've decided to have in a nice edition. This one, just released, is the first of three in a deluxe edition. This means it's bigger than the standard hardback from DC but not by half the price as fancy as the Absolute editions. I'm working on an article about Alan Moore for this blog and cover Tom Strong in detail so I'll save any further comment until then.

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