Friday, 23 October 2009


Yesterday morning when I switched on the computer, Windows 7 would not work. Cue more furstrating attempts to get it installed again and, eventually, I did. Later on that day it shut itself down because I hadn't used it for a while but actually successfully rebooted itself.

This morning I went swimming at 7.30, got back around 8.20, released the kitten from her cage, fed and cuddled her. Then I went to Newcastle to pick up Planetary 27, the final issue of an excellent comic (and the only issue of a comic as opposed to graphic novel that I've bought in years) which appeared only 3 years after the previous one and to be honest the previous issue would have made a more fitting conclusion. O also bought two Astro City trade paperbacks which I didn't think I had. Turns  out that the hardback of one is sitting on the shelf not three feet from where I'm sitting. Well, it was. When I checked on Amazon I discovered I could flog it for around £35.25 which, even after Amazon's cut, means I make a small profit on the cost of the two books and get to keep the tpb. Smooth!

So I came home, played with the kitten, cleaned up her diarrhoea from the carpet, ate lunch, locked the kitten in the cage and went upstairs and, with a deep sigh, switched on the computer.

And Windows 7 started up.

If the same thing happens again tomorrow I might just start to suspect I may have a stable system but I'm not counting my chickens just yet. Maybe next week, if it keeps on working, I might try to install Perfect Image 10 and reinstall all my files and software. We shall see.

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