Saturday, 9 March 2013


Of course, having bought an MP3 (see previous post), Amazon have lots more recommendations for me in this format so I thought I'd have a browse through them. 

One which I found tempting was Ten years After: Essential, a 15-track best of for a measly £2.49, and added it to my wish list because I've got way too much new music to listen to before I can consider it -like 200 tracks by Lightnin' Hopkins for a start.. I saw a similarly titled one by Jethro Tull which, on checking, I remembered I'd bought months ago. Then I came across-

This 87 track 3-CD set was on offer for just over £26.00, the MP3 for £4.99. In other words, only 20% of the CD price. While I'm not a great Bowie fan and didn't have anything by him  there are enough of his songs that I do like to make this worth buying. So I did.

Make that 287 tracks to listen to for the first time. Oh yes, and there's that 2-CD Canned Heat Under Dutch Skies (live 1970-74) which arrived today, the 2-CD Canned Heat Living in the Past (with one 40-minute live track) and the Emeli Sande live CD/DVD, both of which are in the post.

Every time I think I've got enough music to listen to -I have a 160Gb Ipod which is nearly full-I keep finding more I have to have. Does this sound familiar?

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