Saturday, 16 March 2013


Amazon 3* review. Another alien monster on the loose.

Of which there seem to be a few recently (cf Storage 24). And another alien monster brought to earth pretending to be a meteorite (cf Attack the Block). But this one's a writhing mass of tentacles with a lust for the blood of endearingly eccentric members of the community of a small Irish island (in fiction, all members of the community of small Irish islands are endearingly eccentric -that's a rule). For some reason, although we're told it gets its nutrition from blood, Tentacles has no problem about eating the body as well. Just the body, the head it spits out. Oh yes, and, key point, it vomits up blood with a high degree of alcohol in it so, if the cover didn't already give it away, you can guess where much of the action takes place.

It's all pleasantly enough done though 'pleasantly' is not a word you associate with horror films, 'pleasingly' perhaps. It's not particularly gory, mostly just people getting speared with a very very long pointed monster tongue and the fake heads look like fake heads always do -unconvincingly fake. Well acted, quite amusing, never dull, it still manages to be one of those of the films you forget about five minutes after it's finished and have no intention of ever watching again.

Catch it on TV sometime. 

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