Friday, 27 May 2011


My internet connection went down again on Sunday so I phoned up Virgin Media and spent over 90 minutes on the phone. The final 40 were just waiting to be connected to a third person (a skilled technician for I'd paid an additional sum of £10 a month for the next 6 months) and finally gave up. I rang again around lunchtime, explained the situation and got put through to a technician. He couldn't solve the problem but knew what was going wrong and passed me over to someone else who told me that his explanation was a load of crap. He then spent an hour sorting out my problem. His problem was that as soon as he sorted out a problem, another cropped up. But eventually it did work and I had my internet connection up and running an, bar a couple of brief hiccups, it's stayed that.

Then Blogger went funny. I'd open up Freethinking only to find the screen shooting up and down for several seconds before settling at the very first entry of the month rather than the latest. And the little bar which allowed me access to creating a new post was missing. After a couple of days I logged on to the help website where I got the impression that something odd was going on. I posted a query yesterday afternoon, ticking the box to be notified if I got a reply. I didn't. Today, however, things were back to normal. Hence this post. 

I would have written something more coherent but I've been so busy today in the real world (and most of it's cat-related and therefore more appropriate for my other blog) that I'm too tired to do anything other than post this brief note. I'm also elbow deep in copying CDs onto ITunes and thence onto my Ipod and then deciding which CDs I want to keep and which I'm selling on Amazon and how much and all because when we sorted out our garage I found two large boxes of CDs which has been missing for over three years which I wasn't really going to explain about but I see that I just have.

Okay, time for a glass of wine and Chuck Season 2.12.

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