Friday, 6 May 2011


Declaration of bias: I am opposed to the death penalty; I am opposed to illegal military operations in a foreign country.

So President Barak Obama basically authorised a kill mission in Pakistan to get Osama bin Laden. The mission was a success. Was he right to do so?

Actually, I think he was. If he hadn't and word had got out he would have been called gutless and it would have been a boost for terrorism. Bin Laden was directly responsible for possibly the world's worst terrorist atrocity. He had no qualms about killing innocents. He was profoundly anti-democratic and wanted a fundamentalist world state of Islam which would suppress all human rights as we know them in the West. To have captured him would mean that he would remain a focal point,the justification of more terrorist atrocities and more opportunity to spread his poisonous doctrines. So, yes, Obama was correct to have him killed and without notifying a corrupt Pakistani government which contains many bin Laden sympathisers.

Should he publish the photograph to prove that bin Laden is dead? Damned if he does, damned if doesn't.

Again, I believe he has done the right thing by not publishing it and his reasons are correct. Of course some people will always refuse to believe that he's dead and they would keep on refusing even if the picture was published. They are the same type of morons who refuse to believe that Obama was born in the USA and they believe that because, whatever they profess to believe, it's because Obama is black. Publishing the photograph would be inflammatory. Only idiots refuse to believe that he's dead and most terrorist leaders, whatever else they may be, are not idiots.

He was also right to go to the scene of 9/11 and lay a wreath, a symbolic gesture of closure.

What Obama has proved to the American public at the very least is that they have a president who is strong, courageous, and decisive and who cares as they care. Which, while it may even be true, is exactly what he wants them to think.

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