Friday, 6 May 2011


I had trouble with it when I first got my new desktop nearly three years ago and I've had the odd problem ever since. Usually rebooting solved it. For the last year or so I've been using a combination of Virgin Media modem and a D-Link router (WiFi) to connect to the desktop upstairs.

Three days ago, it went down again. I called Virgin Media (freephone free support) and after fiddling with the modem and router  it worked again. For about two minutes. I repeated the procedures several times with the same result. Rang them again and the same thing happened. Rang them a third time and on this occasion it lasted till lunchtime the next day. This time when I rang them up, the guy on the other line, after a couple of checks, arranged for an engineer to come today between 12 and 4.. 

The engineer duly called just after one which wasn't bad. It took him a bit fiddling about but he eventually got it working by fitting a new Virgin Media modem which also had WiFi inbuilt. It also meant I could get the 50meg download speed I'm paying for. He also gave me a replacement wireless Lan USB adapter which I then fiddled with for over twenty minutes before I could get it working.

Now, however, all seems well for the moment. Here's a photo of my new Virgin Media Superhub. Long may it, please, work.


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