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who I assume is my mate Barry. It is listed in the comments but because I don't know how to show the comments themselves I'm printing it here.

Was this the joy promoted in 1962 by a street corner commie agitator in the USA named Lee Harvey Oswald?

Thank God they still cling onto the "Pay or Die" system, demonstrating that the richest country is the most advanced, civilized and caring one.

However, those who "pay" actually don't pay - it's their private medical insurance companies that pay the hospital bills, based on the fact that the customer has already paid agreed premiums.

Social medicine schemes exist in many countries who claim to care about their population. Our NHS is funded by dregs allocated to it by gangster politicians from contributions working people make - we call these NHI, and I must emphasise the letter "I". We pay an insurance PREMIUM, in return for which we claim so-called "free" care as and when needed beacause the contract ENTITLES us to it.

This is why I am shocked that you fell into the propaganda trap of thinking that your treatment didn't cost you a penny. It has cost you more than a penny - WHEN you pay for something (before, during or after) matters not - it's that you HAVE paid. If any old payslips survive in your house, check the NHI Deductions taken from you, as well as Income Tax.

The average person pays NHI of a % on 40 years salary, which is about one million pounds. As this is 10%, any fool can work out that you paid up to £100k. Whether or not any of it is used to treat you is not relevant - the NHS is a communal insurance risk pot we all put into for the overall benefit of all contributors.

Anyone who disagrees with that concept deserves to die in poverty in the USA.

There will be more from THE Anonymous!
15 December 2010 11:25

Just to add my own brief comment.

Yes A, I am aware that I have paid for my treatment out of my taxes but that is a very painless way of doing it. What I, personally, have got out of this is as follows:

A lifetime of consultations with a General Practitioner and since my 60th birthday umpteen free prescriptions.

Several visits to the A&E department.

Several visits to the Eye Infirmary, including 2 cataract operations.

An operation involving a four day stay in hospital for piles.

Four and a half weeks in hospital including all treatment and meals for prolonged diarrea, pneumonia, renal failure, etc.

And my recent colonoscopy.

As far as I'm concerned I've had my taxes worth out of the system.

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