Thursday, 23 September 2010


A few months ago I discovered the pre-Watershed school drama series (which had been on the go for five years) and decided it was pretty good. The new series has just started and there are some new characters including a single parent who had, until recently been home-educating his two kids -a very bright girl and a 16 year old boy who just wants to be normal. New Head Amanda Burton has persuaded him to join the staff and this week's episode focussed on his first day as a new teacher. 

And something happened that disgusted me so much I almost stopped watching. First, however, is a photo. Our new teacher is  on the far left.
In an encounter with a parent, he spoke the following words:

"I didn't mean to infer that your son was stealing."

I'm sure you can imagine how I felt on hearing this. Remember that this is a highly educated man who is very ambitious for his two children and yet he actually spoke this sentence. Given what we know about this character it is as likely that he could say infer when he meant imply as it is that he'd stick his head up Amanda Burton's arse.

It also means that the writer should be put up against the wall and shot because s/he clearly doesn't know either.

Post script

Neither does it seem does the director, editor, any of the cast or anyone else who might have been involved in the production.

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