Friday, 3 September 2010


Here is a brief tongue in cheek exchange of emails between myself and my good friend Barry Spence. His is reprinted without his knowledge and I hope the phrase 'my good friend' continues to apply after this.

I sent him the following email:


Does the Spence agree that the government should spend an estimated £100,000,000.00 of taxpayer's money on the visit of a cult leader who is responsible for:
the increase in AIDS cases,
the increase in the number of unwanted children,
maintaining prejudice against and repressing the moral right of homosexuals to engage with society as full members, and
covering up the crimes of large numbers of paedophiles solely because they belong to a select group?
Does the Spence even agree that this person should even be allowed into this country when so many of its taxpayers emphatically disagree with the actions of this member of the Hitler Youth?


To which Barry replied:
The Spence sees a current economic situation where the downtrodden peasants (= anyone whose income is less than that of an MP) have been ordered by the wise and experienced Cameron and his 100% millionaire cabinet to sacrifice some of their already low income to fund an attempt to correct the damage done by previous governments and bankers. Said MPs tell the peasants they must cough up to avoid national bankruptcy. Many projects (such as hospitals and schools that would benefit the peasants in the long run) worth less than £100 million have been cancelled.

Therefore, squandering what (according to the above) we cannot afford is a wasteful one-off short-term project that will help nobody long-term but inspire current resentment in a fair number of thinking, sacrificing citizens -but not a majority. If this visit is so important, shouldn’t the Church of Rome pay the bills? They have much more wealth than a near bankrupt minor European Hellhole!

To clearly separate his past from his present – current policies concern AIDS, unwanted children, homophobia and – sorry folks, I don’t believe it suddenly stopped – paedophilia and cover ups. Past sins include paedophilia cover ups and Hitler Youth, but you forget about 1940s apathy towards The Final Solution and a large organization in bed with the 1970s Mafia.

On PAST issues, we shouldn’t refuse this person entry on a visit – if we were to do that, over half the world’s leaders would never get in! We also have home-grown leaders (past and current) with pasts just as bad.

On CURRENT issues alone, over ongoing Church of Rome policies, we SHOULD refuse entry to he who represents it and takes full and final responsibility.

Since when did the opinions of the taxpayers (who provided the £100 million) matter a toss to those in power?

 The Spence


I need an explanation from The Roman Catholic Church based on your words below:

maintaining prejudice against and repressing the moral right of homosexuals to engage with society as full members

How come this is ongoing official policy, yet that same outfit permits (some claim they encourage) paedophile activity by its employees (not all homosexual, just the majority) and then covers it up, skilfully using a complex network of power abuse? Is this “One law for us – another for you” - or can I just dismiss it as raging hypocrisy?

Me again.
Just so you know exactly who we're talking about here's his picture.
Sorry, that was below the belt. Here's the real photo.

Hmm. Spooky.

Just in case anyone thinks I've got it in for the old Nazi supporter, I should make it clear that I hate all organised religions. The worst mistake Man ever made (Women have more sense) was to invent God. Christianity and Islam just made it much worse.

As for the Pope, fuck the old bastard.

Post script.

It appears that the Pope's visit will only cost the taxpayer £12million not 100 as I stated. As far as I'm concerned, his anachronistic paedophile-ridden hypocritical church should pay  for it and one penny of taxpayer's money is too much.

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