Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I picked this up on a whim as part of my eat no (or very little) meat and eat lots of vegetarian meals and fish/seafood diet; which, with minor lapses, is doing quite well. When the six of us (me, Susan, Nick & Viv -her brother & his wife, Alex & Sarah -our nephew & niece) went to the Rosedene (a decent nearby quality pub) for Sunday lunch, they all had beef, pork, lamb or turkey roast and I ate the vegetarian roast and nice it was too and it made me feel very self-righteous.

About a week or so earlier, I'd picked up the above packet and finally got round to trying it this evening. It was easy enough to prepare: just add 285ml of water (I added a slosh of teryaki sauce for added flavour), mix and leave for 10minutes then fry as normal. And it was delicious. The nicest tasting burger I've eaten for a long time. It did tend to crumble a bit around the edges but otherwise had a reasonable texture.

Because I couldn't really split the packet, I had to make twice as much as I wanted and so left two for Susan who was out at the time. When she came I told her what it was and she pulled a face. I told her to try a taste which, unwillingly, she did. Her reaction: she ate the rest of it and wanted me to make it for Nick and Viv but not tell them what it was. Susan, I should add, is very particular about what she eats so you can consider her endorsement the highest recommendation. Me, I'll eat any old crap because, as she tells me, I have a cast-iron stomach.

Do yourself a favour and give it a try. You could well be pleasantly surprised.

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