Friday, 19 March 2010


If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you should have a fairish if uneven idea of the kind of music I like. What I don't like under any circumstances is a collection of covers by a bunch of teenager actors and a couple of adults put together on a tv show about a glee club. It's my idea of hell on earth. It's mediocre and soulless. It's bland (see previous posts) in the extreme. If such a thing existed I would make it my mission on earth to stamp it to a bloody collective pulp and exterminate memories of it from all of humanity.

But then I started watching Glee and.... and.... I.. uh... um...

I was wrong.

It's wonderful and it isn't bland. And it's s hell of a lot better than Skins Series 4 (last ep to be reviewed/recapped soon).

Despite what I said a few weeks ago, I... I'm even going to buy the two soundtrack albums from the first season. This should be the tv show and music from hell for me but it works. It just works. It's great and I love it and it makes me smile and laugh and part of me wants to punch me in the face for writing that.
Somebody help me please!

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