Saturday, 27 March 2010


I have now completely stopped eating meat and chicken (duck & turkey) and started including much larger portions of fresh vegetables. For lunch yesterday, I bought a bag of rocket, kale and shredded beetroot at Asda to which I added french dressing and ate with a small tinned of mackerel in tomato sauce. I didn't realise it was beetroot I was eating until I looked at the label more closely and got quite a shock as I hate beetroot, at least in its cooked form. Shredded and raw, it's actually very nice. 

For dinner I stir-fried a bag of stir-fry Asda fresh veg, added teryaki sauce, something called Asian Spice (a mix of stuff like chili, cinnamon, etc) and some prawns and mussels. Susan arrived just as I was finishing and ate the last mouthful which, surprisingly, she liked.

Lunch today was the remainder of that first bag  with tinned sardines. Dinner will be a similar stir-fry to yesterday but I'm going to try tofu with it. I've also been back to Asda for more bags of salad, stir-fry veg, and a couple of different kinds of salad dressing. 

I've never been much of a salad eater before but I do like these bags from Asda. Next week I'm going to have a trip down to the fish quay and see what's available. I've a feeling I'm on a roll with this.

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