Tuesday, 2 October 2012


Eric (I find his surname difficult to type) died yesterday aged 95 and his death was announced on BBC News. I hadn't read any of his books but I did know that he was one of the country's leading historians.

The Daily Mail also reported on it in fairly neutral terms, surprising given that he remained an unrepentant communist. The comments in the online section were far from neutral. Now I often find it amusing that in general people who comment on DM articles are much more liberal than the Mail itself. Not this time, however.

The right wing hang em shoot em flog em trash came out in force. The comments are among the most vile I have ever read. They positively celebrate the death of this elderly respected and highly honoured historian. I urge you to look it up just so you can this vile bunch of inadequates vomiting up their poisonous bile.

I copied one such and posted it back to the DM with my own opinion on it (see below which also includes a link to the article). I'm proud to state that when I checked just before starting this post, it had been red arrowed (which means they hate it) 63 times.


Good riddance - Stuart , West Yorkshire, 02/10/2012 06:44 Says a jealous insignificant worm commenting on a giant.
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