Sunday, 1 July 2012


Along with she who must be obeyed plus my brotherandsisterinlaw, I went to a wedding yesterday which is of no interest to anyone but myself and those who attended but as it was such a hugely enjoyable occasion I thought I'd mention it anyway. Our link was that she whose every word is law is BFF with the groom's mother, plus we also knew his sister and also him, albeit not as well. 

No names and little detail because they aren't mine to give, though I'd very surprised if they can't be found on Facebook. However, the bride had/has a heart condition and was lucky to have it discovered otherwise she might have died. She gave a very moving speech urging the guests to donate to a charity which publicises the test which saved her life (and which I've forgotten, sorry). This may have something to do with the fact, plus the couple are really really nice, that it was the most genuinely happy wedding I've been to and I wanted to commemorate that on record in this blog. Although only counting as a fringe guest, I came away feeling really good about the world and if it can do that to an old insular curmudgeon like me, you can imagine how the bride and groom felt.

And below, she whose word is absolute law with the groom's mother (and, oh, the groom).

And that's me on the right.

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