Thursday, 14 October 2010


This is the second of the Rare Flix DVDs I've watched (see the cover on the previous post). This one is, I suppose, a slasher though, while there's lots of slashing, there isn't a whole lot of gore.

The setup is this: someone is very possessive about a pinup girl who is trying to become an actress and kills anyone who seems to be taking an unhealthy interest in her. Charlotte Helmkamp, the lead, actually is a former Playmate of the Month and knows a lot about nude modelling which she does very well on a couple of occasions during the movie and she plays a girl trying to get away from modelling and become an actress and during the early part of the movie she gets the lead role in a cheesy cheap horror movie entitled Machete Men from Mars. Is this meant to be post-modern irony? Nah, didn't think so. 

The first part is the setup where we meet potential slashers and potential victims. Who might it be? Well, there is some ambiguity as to the identity of the killer early on -I wanted it to be the best friend who secretly has a lesbian crush on Charlotte and is killing any man who shows an interest but as she gets killed early on it isn't her. In fact it quickly becomes obvious who the murderer is -DVD Delirium also annoyingly gave it away.

This isn't a bad bad movie, in fact it's mostly quite competent with some interesting bits in it and, like Death Collector, kept me watching. The DVD also has, like the other one, a selection of interesting (and different) trailers.

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