Wednesday, 13 October 2010


My favourite movie reference series is DVD Delirium vols 1-4. Vol 4 was only just released a month or so ago and I eagerly plowed through it looking for weird and wonderful DVDs to buy. The above set is about the second thing I've bought after The Dead Pit and The Hanging Woman and I watched the first one -Death Collector- last night and I wanted to share this with you.

Over the credits sequence are clips from old westerns but the film itself is set in the near future when the American economy is collapsing. Our hero comes over like a character from b/w 50's teen movie with his blonde hair and gee-tar as he sashays into a bar in downtown decaying Shithole, Nowhere and serenades the ladies who melt at his good looks, including our heroine who, unfortunately, is the doxy of the local ganglord, sorry, I meant owner of the local insurance company which, in the near future when banks sabotage each other, is the same thing. Just as our hero is about to get down to some serious shagging, the bad guys arrive and several people are killed including the hero's sheriff brother. However, as the bad guy is in charge it's our hero who gets sent down the river.

Five years later and just about everyone's bankrupt including the government, the prisons are shut down and our hero is released. Returning to the bar, with a gammy leg, he finds everyone sitting where he left them, dressed the same, with haircuts the same. It's almost as if the scenes were shot at the same time. Still, it's not long before he's wowing the ladies with his singing and gee-tar playing and pissing off the bad guy (to whom everyone pays life insurance premiums and owns the local economy) and his English chief henchman. (Don't ask me why the villain of Shithole, Nowhere would have an English henchman.)  There's an assault on the bad guy's place by our hero with the gammy leg, the heroine, and his ex-cellmate who proceeds to slaughter a massive number of well-armed guards.

(Talking of guards, I could have sworn, until I saw the credits, that one of the prison guards was Nathan Fillion wearing shades but, as the credits give a different name, it's not credited to him on IMDB, and he was only 18 at the time, I have to be wrong. Damn, I thought I might have a scoop.)

Badly-made and often badly-acted and frequently just badly bad, I was never tempted to skip through it and I sorta strangely enjoyed it.

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