Monday, 9 September 2013


I don't often review romantic comedies on this blog -in fact I can't ever remember reviewing one- which isn't to say, I don't enjoy a good one when it comes along. And, just look at the quotes on the poster above, this certainly has to qualify as a good one. It got nominated for 8 Oscars and Jennifer Lawrence (whom I find very likeable) won Best Actress at the age of 23. 

And I just didn't much care for it.

Maybe it's an American thing. Maybe it's just me.

Bradley Cooper has cracked up after his wife left him and he spent time inside the loony bin. Pretending to be more sane than he really is, he gets out and sets about making his life worse. He then meets up with Jennifer Lawrence who cracked up when her cop husband was killed. Their growing fractious relationship proves the salvation of them both.

At which point I can hear you giving a big AAHH! Unfortunately Cooper's character is as irritating and self-destructive as hell and his blue collar family led by an intensely irritating father played by De Niro in intensely irritating mode doesn't help. 

It has its moments and some, scattered, good scenes but mostly it just didn't work for me. I can see why Lawrence won the Oscar as it's an astonishingly mature performance from a very young woman and I doubt if this will be the last time she's seen on the podium but that just wasn't enough.

Oh yes, and there's Chris Tucker in supporting role and I always find him really annoying which should have warned me from the start.

Here's a photo of the appealing Jennifer Lawrence to finish with.

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