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I always, when dealing with something as sensitive or important as politics or whether you prefer The Beatles to The Rolling Stones (yeah man, I'm a 60's child), prefer to set out my stall before proceeding. Now, on the surface I am a mild-mannered, middle-class, animal-loving (in a good way) retired librarian -the type of person UKIP would love to have on their books- but, scratch the surface and I stand revealed as a libertarian lefty -I positively froth at the mouth at the thought, or even a sniff, of capital punishment, racism, sexism, homophobia, blood sports, corrupt capitalism (like all of it, man).

So you can imagine that I'm not going to say anything nice about the fragrant flowers of UKIP.

And I'm not going to disappoint you.

A moderate view is that they're a mild-mannered harmless bunch of Little Englanders -the kind you have a good laugh at, at their naivety and their outdated and old fashioned attitudes.

But, bluntly, after the recent council election results they're beginning to scare the shit out of me.

They do this for a couple of linked reasons and none of it is meant as a compliment.

Basically, what's happened recently has stretched a small-time party beyond its limits. In terms of organisations when compared to the three main parties it's like a corner shop compared to Marks & Spencer. It's party organisation consists of half a dozen people which means it's impossible to vet all the would be candidates and sometimes it's even hard to find candidates at all. But what worries about me this is that, even though would-be party members are supposed to declare if they've ever been members of those loveable rascals (a euphemism) the BNP (Bloody Nasty Party) and EDL (English Dimwitted Louts), it would be all too easy for extreme right wing racists like those loathsome morons (an understatement) to infiltrate the more respectable UKIP.

Not that UKIP needs much help. In reading up on UKIP for this post, it seems that some of UKIP's policies are actually more extreme than the BNP's which is something I'd never have imagined. Okay, so many are to left of my favourite bunch of racists, but somehow that still doesn't manage to warm my heart. Many of their policies on the economy are blueprints on how to bankrupt the country if they went ahead.

What really bothers me is that almost every member has no useful political experience and they simply don't have the brains or experience to form a government and it's frighteningly possible that they could hold the balance of power (replacing the Lib-Dems as the choice of the disaffected voter) after the next General Election. But my worst fears are that if they ever did attain real power we'd see an authoritarian government with blatantly racist policies, policies which would severely threaten the weakest members of society, and worse and that their leader Nigel Farrage (who I'm sure is genuinely well-meaning) would find he has a tiger by the tail.

It chokes l'il ole lefty me to write this, but faced with a choice solely between the Tories and UKIP I'd vote for the former every time.

The moral of this tale is: don't vote UKIP, you know it makes sense.

No similarity between the two images is intended except satirically. I did, however, find them on the same Google Images page when I typed in UKIP. I honestly don't know who the clones are supposed to be.
 Would you seriously vote for someone who looks like a stupid twat?

This (unim)partially political blog has been brought to you by blah blah blah.

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